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Version 2: Interviewee’s Guide to Controlling the Interview Flow

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Most people don't optimise any of these 4 stages in an interview 👇

1. Greeting

Attention grabbing in first 5 seconds

2. Getting interviewed

Controlling the flow of interview like an exceptional candidate

3. Interviewing the role & the company

Asking tough questions without hampering relationship with the interviewer

4. Closing

Reaffirm pros, solving cons, & leaving a window open

We have seen this happening over & over while we placed more than 100 people in different leadership roles.

So we curated a guide to help you step by step optimize each stage & we made it available for FREE 👇

This is the Advanced Version of the guide: How to Control The Flow of Your Interview as an Interviewee

5 Game-changing elements that was not there in older version:

1. How to prime top 5-15 secs

2. Top approaches to introduce yourself to dictate next 30 minutes of interview

3. Top 8 value-adding factors to include in your answer framing

4. What's the right way to investigate the company with line up of questions

5. Closing the interview with powerful impression

The older version became our most downloaded Article!

And it garnered praise from so many of you who reached out in DM to appreciate us on launching these invaluable pieces for your professional guidance.

We are humbled!

We hope to keep providing guidance to uncountable professionals who aspire to reach the top.

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Version 2: Interviewee’s Guide to Controlling the Interview Flow

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